dimanche 25 mai 2008

WooT presents...Spring Collection featuring WooT Idol Contest Winners

WooT has moved to another huge store, and is preparing many surprises for you!
And, right now, you can find here our spring collection, fresh and sexy outfits!
I'd like to thank Elysium Eilde for these gorgeous pics!
And, I'd thanks our 3 WooT Idol Contest Winners: Tiffer Gossipgirl(3d), Dansgurl Gossipgirl(2nd) and LauraRose Gossipgirl(1st)
On the 1st pic, very Sex and the City inspired, the model present(from left to right):
- dansgurl is wearing Socialite
- LauraRose is wearing Dawn
- Tiffer is wearing Fantaisies
I've tried to determine who every girl could be in Sex and the City but I just can't lol, I let you decide!
On the 2nd pic, very 70's Woodstook spirit (when Ely told me ths theme, I jumped on my sit lol),
the models are wearing(from left to right):
- LauraRose is wearing La Joie de Vivre
- Tiffer is wearing Crazy 70's
- dansgurl is wearing Printemps

JennyH Gossipgirl

If you're wondering who's this girl, you may consider yourself as "ringard", out! But there's hope for you if you read this lol!
This gorgeous girl is JennyH Gossipgirl, one of my best friend here, she's classy, funny, sweet; beautiful,...And she's also the best event organizator you'll find in SL. She's helped me a lot in the WooT event organization. She found me ELysium Eilde, one of the best photographer who made the Faces Models pic and also the WooT Idol Contest Winners' pic. If I had to make a whole list of all JennyH did for me, it would be too long. So, my word is: if you're looking for anything which involves fashion or decoration, IM her lol. In the same way, if you need ideas to develop your brand,IM her....
She's one of the It Girls here in SL, and I'm glad because she's one of my best friends here, *hugs Jenny*

WooT want to thanks Faces Model Agency

One week ago we had a wonderful party in honor of our finalists. This party was sponsored by Faces Model Agency, and OMG the sim has been filled during all the party lol!
It was so great that Dawn and I are already thinking about having another one very soon!
I would like to thank the gorgeous Aradia Dielli who picked the perfect model to present some of my outfits from the Spring collection, and Elysium Eilde who took this wonderful pic.
Let me introduce you the models you must hire if you wanna have the perfect event, they're all gorgeous, professionnal, sooo kind and will "sublimer" your outfits:
(from left to right):
- Kianna Noel is modeling Crazy 70's, a boho funky dress. I've decided she'll perfect for it because Kianna is funny, extravagante.
- Thalia Jie is modeling Dawn, a classic chic dress. This dress was just made for her, she's sooo smart, but don't think she's sever, she's sweet and she made me laugh so much ; )
- Cherie Parker is modeling Fantaisies, a sequin dress, perfect to go in the best night clubs. Cherie loves to dance, she's a seductrice so this dress was the good one for her!
- Dendre Benelli is modeling Socialite, a dress you can wear whenever you go, you'll always be the most elegant but still sexy. It was one of the 1st event Dendre was making, and I wanted to see her relax and having fun, so I've chosen this dress, and she's been perfect!
- Poptart Lilliehook is modeling La Joie de Vivre, a fresh dress, very "fluide" with the arm ribbons, but classy. She was the perfect model for this outfit because she's sooo fresh.
Once more, I really want to thanks all these models, and I invite you to hire them if you're looking for, of course gorgeous models, but also models with a big heart and a good sense of joking!

samedi 3 mai 2008

The Cafe Society Flamingo Event!!!

Today at 12PM, the Cafe Society organize a big party of 12 hours to announce the winners of the Cafe Society Flamingo Design Challenge!
WooT has entered in this contest with the Flamingo outfit(on the right) and need your vote! You can find the LM of the event in my store!
WooT has also created a dress which will be the prize for a hunt, this dress is called Printemps(on the left) and will be for free today only!
I hope to see you soon at the event!
MissPure Voom

jeudi 1 mai 2008

WooT Idol Finalists have been selected!!!

The WooT Finalists have been selected, you'll find them here with their introduction!
I'd like to send all the gorgeous ladies who have entered in the contest, the choice has been soo hard to make!!! A special thanks to Dawn Islander and JennyH Gossipgirl who helped me!
This contest has been a real success, so be ready because WooT will organize a new one very very soon!
The winners will be announced on May 17th at 12PM, at a big party we organize with Faces!
I invite all the contestants to join us!!!I'll post very soon the invitations with more details!
Have a wonderful day,
MissPure Voom

WooT Idol Finalist: LauraRose Gossipgirl

LauraRose's introduction:
Thank you for your consideration of me in the WooT Idol contest! I hope you all receive many contestants and the the store gets the recognition it deserves! For my pictures I chose the Londres L'Amour dress, which I believe reflects my own personal style. This casual, elegant, sexy dress is one of my favorites in the shop, really accentuating the female form; the pattern is classic and whimsical, adding personality to the outfit. I consider many of these qualities to be those which I also possess in SL.
So who am I? I'm quirky, stylish, sexy, and fun! I'm a fashionista and an appreciator of the ever growing creativity in SL; an aspiring model who hopes to help showcase and enhance the beauty and creations of her fellow SL friends and colleagues.